Mrs. Swanson's 9th grade Computer Science Class.

"Builders of the New Hartford Web Pages"

Connie, Mrs. S, and Scott

Mrs. Lillian Swanson has been teaching the 9th Grade Computer Science Class since 1989. She was the first teacher to have a computer of her own and bought the very first one for her class. Both were Apple IIe's!! Mrs. Swanson was responsible for writing the grant to the New Hartford Grain Elevator that made these pages possible.
Connie has been in two class plays, and enjoys swimming and tennis. She has two brothers (Phil and Wayne) and one sister (Rebecca). She wants to major in dental technology when she graduates. Connie designed the New Hartford pages and picked out the photographs that you are enjoying. A picture of her dad and mom can be seen on the Donald's RibRoom page!
Scott has been interested in computers ever since his father bought one to keep track of his farming business. "Dad let me play on the computer whenever he was around," says Scott. He wants to take over his father's farm with his brother Daryl and sister Linda. But first he plans on going to the University of Minnesota to major in Agriculture. Scott wrote the actual HTML code that make up the New Hartford pages.

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