Hudson Grain Co-op

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The Hudson Grain Co-opSuper Bird ® laying chickens and Big Beef ® cattle.

Hudson Grain Co-op is the second oldest grain co-operative in Minnesota and the oldest in Hudson county. It was started in 1887 by local farmers banding together to lobby for freight service from the old Southwest and Central Minnesota Railroad. Through their efforts a rail spur was put through in 1889. Seeing the need for a better grain supply system these farmers built the first grain elevator fondly known by the locals as "Old Number One". Old Number One was destroyed by a tornado in 1947 and the new New Hartford Grain Elevator (pictured at the right) was built.

Aside from serving area farmers with their grain and fuel needs, Hudson Grain Co-op also serves the world through Hudson Genetics. Hudson Genetics has gained international recognition with its Super Bird ® laying chickens and Big Beef ® cattle. Both are production leaders in their respective industries.

Hudson Grain Co-op has donated the money and expertise to make these pages possible. Actual work on these pages was done by Mrs. Swanson's 9th grade computer science class.

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